Splat - Quirky Detailed Shirt

Splat - Quirky Detailed Shirt

Introducing the “Splat” Cotton Shirt: Quirky Elegance


Luxurious 100% Cotton: The “Splat” shirt is a tactile delight.

Beagle Collar: Quirkiness meets sophistication. The beagle collar adds character without compromising on style.

Nod to the Late Sixties: Transport yourself to an era of free spirits and bold choices. The “Splat” shirt pays homage to the late sixties, where individuality reigned supreme.

Made-to-Order Excellence:

Each “Splat” shirt is crafted with care.

Delivery Time: Please allow an estimated 21 days for your shirt to arrive. Quality takes time, and the “Splat” shirt is worth the wait.

Elevate your wardrobe with the “Splat” Cotton Shirt. It’s more than clothing—it’s a statement of individuality. 

If you have any more questions or want additional details, feel free to ask!



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